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Special Programs

In addition to printing your own retails on our informational plant labels, Belmont Nursery offers several programs to help you achieve success:

Pre-books allow you to plan your purchasing and guaranteeing availability your product. Starting with pre-booked items make it easy to fill an otherwise minimal order and also locks in special pricing. We also keep you posted as to the status of the items, so you can take delivery in a timely manner appropriate for your sales. Prebooks are just another way to plan out your success! Click here to see our Roses, Fruit and General Stock prebook forms.

Custom Grow is an easy way to get assortments of fruit and roses that you may not have room (or time) to grow yourself. You order your own selection of bareroot directly, have it delivered to us, we plant if for you. We offer several options of delivery times to suit your needs. Ask your sales rep about this program! Check it out here.

Rack-shipping is a new program for us, allowing us to work with garden centers ourside of our own delivery area and state. We use common carrier to send directly in one-way racks to get you the product you need at the time you want. We send colorful roses to the northwest, giving them blooming plants for Mother's day. See the Details Here.

Our signature Keith Davey Chinese Pistache
Our signature Keith Davey Chinese Pistache