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Design & Consulting Services

Work with Belmont's Garden Coaches and Landscape Designers


Do you really know which plants work best, not only with your yard’s soil but also for your available sunlight and water? 

We’ve all been through the painful process of watching a newly planted landscape die in front of our eyes. The expert step-by-step guidance for a Garden Coach can make the difference. 

Our experienced Garden Coaches will share in your vision. Listen and simplify the process. We’ll help you choose the right plant for the right spot. 

Belmont Nursery’s Plan & Plant program helps to eliminate the costly mistakes that may occur when designing your own landscape. Planning your landscape is more than just picking plants. There’s irrigation, soil, hardscape, sun exposure, understanding which plants grow well together, positioning relating to your home and other buildings and more! 

We customize the process to meet your needs!

  • Award winning Garden Coaches
  • Irrigation, Horticulture and Landscape Experts
  • California Certified Nursery Professionals
  • Hardscape design expertise
  • Initial phone discussion / assessment
  • Personalized on-site assessment with qualified Garden Coach/Designer or Personal Shopper assistance at our retail center
  • Plant recommendations and/or materials list
  • Maintenance Recommendations
  • Consultation customers receive preferred pricing on plants!


Free initial phone consultation. 

Free Personal Shopper assistance at retail center (appointment required)

In-home consultation costs start at $195. Additional budget and recommended next steps will be discussed with your designer.


4 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Phone Consultation

Step 2 - In-Home Meeting or appointment with Personal Shopper at our retail center

Step 3 - A Customized Plan or Yard Recommendation

Step 4 - Let’s Plant!


Let’s do it right the first time! 

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