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Keeping Your Garden Healthy During Fresno's First Heat Wave of the Year

As summer slowly creeps into Fresno, we're all doing our best to stay cool during the season's first heat wave. But it's not just us feeling the heat. Our verdant plants and budding gardens are also battling the sweltering conditions. In response to this challenge, our experts at Belmont Nursery have curated an arsenal of tips and techniques to help you look after your garden during these sizzling days.

Keeping Your Garden Healthy During Fresno's First Heat Wave of the Year

Keeping Your Garden Healthy During Fresno's First Heat Wave of the Year

The Science of Hydration: Mastering the Art of Irrigation

In the quest to ensure our plants stay hydrated and healthy during the scorching Fresno summer, understanding how to properly use your sprinkler system is critical. Belmont Nursery's owner, Jon, stars in our first video, where he introduces the intricate world of sprinkler systems and how they function.

In his tutorial, Jon expertly guides viewers on how to measure the volume of water your sprinklers output. This invaluable information will help you ascertain if your plants are receiving the requisite hydration they need to withstand the relentless summer heat.

The Secret to New Plantings: A Focus on the Root Ball

Watering newly planted trees or plants can be a bit of a conundrum, but our tree specialist, Betsy, is here to demystify this process in our second video. Betsy's pivotal advice: turn your attention to the root ball. This simple yet powerful technique can have a profound effect on your new plants' health, enabling them to flourish despite the current heat wave.

Harnessing the Power of Mulch: Keep Your Soil Cool and Hydrated

Our third video features a special guest: David from Kellogg Garden. David discloses the secret weapon of many a summer gardener – mulch. He explains that a generous layer of mulch serves as more than an insulator, keeping the soil cool for your plants' roots. It also helps retain up to 30% of water, providing increased hydration for your plants, and bolstering their chances of thriving during Fresno's hot summer days.

David's top recommendation for mulching is G&B Cedar Mulch, which you can find, along with other premium G&B products, at our garden center.

Stay cool, stay hydrated, and happy gardening from all of us at Belmont Nursery!