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Price List & Rental Terms

5 gallon shrubs, trees or cones


15 gallon shrubs, trees or cones


20″ tub or
24″ box


5 or 7 gallon topiary or spiral


15 gallon topiary or spiral


24″ box


Pick up and delivery charge, starts at

$40.00 each way

Arrangements for pick up and delivery can be made through the wholesale office.  To transport yourself, you must have a covered truck, enclosed trailer or fabric tarp to cover the material.  Fees cover the rental cost for 48 hours.

Items kept longer than 48 hours will be subject to these additional charges:

5 gallon tree or shrub
$3.00 each per day

15 gallon tree or shrub
$10.00 each per day

20″ tub or 24″ box
$25.00 each per day

A minimum charge of $50.00 per rental applies.  A deposit for the full retail value will be held before pick up or delivery and will be refunded when all plant materials are returned in good condition.  All plants must be watered daily.  All lights, wrapping or additional decorations, staples, tape or bark must be removed before pick up or return.  All plants must be consolidated into one area for pick up after event.  Please note you will be charged for plants returned in less than perfect condition.

Plant Rental Maintenance

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to beautify your special event.  To ensure that your plants return to us in the same condition that they left us in, please remember the following:

  1. Water all plants everyday.  When they are at home with us at the nursery, they regularly receive water at least twice each day.  If you are having a weekend event and receive the plants on Friday, you must water them at least once on Saturday, once on Sunday and we will pick them up on Monday.
  2. A common misconception is that if the plants are kept indoors, they won’t need to be watered each day.  This is incorrect and your plants will begin to show damage during the following week if not sooner.
  3. If you decorate the plant containers, please remember to remove all foil, wrapping paper, bows, etc. from each pot before they are scheduled for pick up.
  4. Plants are very delicate so please move them with care.  Branches may easily be broken if not handled correctly.  Always move your plants by the pot, not the branches or trunks.
  5. If you are using lights in the plants, please use care in the installation and removal so branches are not damaged.
  6. Damaged, dead or missing plants will become your property and you will be billed for them at our regular price.

If you have any questions about the care of your plants, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (559) 255-6645 for further information.