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Belmont Nursery specializes in a number of region-specific trees and plants. These specialties are the result of years of experience in propagating and nurturing some of the best plant varieties available.

Our ornamental plants are well known by garden centers, central valley landscape professionals, and many gardening professionals.

Pistachia chinensis ‘Keith Davey’

An improved variety of the Chinese Pistache. Buy direct from the grower, the famed Keith Davey Pistache.

  • One of the best shade trees growing 40 ft high and 25 to 35 ft wide
  • A grafted tree with vibrant red color in fall with no berries
  • A Belmont Nursery original Signature Plant

Cupressus sempervirens ‘Totem’

For that beautiful Tuscan accent without the enormous size of the traditional Italian Cypress, choose the ‘Totem’.

  • Tight emerald green foliage with no roll-out 12′ in 10 years 2′ wide
  • More narrow and slower growing than other varieties
  • Consistent grower with no browning

Cupressus macrocarpa ‘Taft’s Golden’

This evergreen conifer changes to bright golden yellow as the cold weather comes returning to green with summer.

  • Evergreen tree to 30 x 20 in 20 years. Takes the heat.
  • Bright golden new growth in winter
  • Foliage has citrus scent

Lagerstroemia Hybrids – Crape Myrtle

Pink Velour®

Pink Velour® peaks in the spring with shrill pink flowers and distinct dark wine foliage.

  • Large shrub or small tree of 12 feet or more
  • High mildew resistance
  • Very showy foliage provides wine landscape color before blooming

Siren Red®

Siren Red® “Oxblood red” flowers are distinctly darker red than Dynamite® or Red Rocket®. Darkness/intensity of red is less affected by cool, cloudy conditions.

  • New growth is wine, then quickly changes to dark green
  • The slowest grower of the ‘Whit’ reds but may reach 3 feet in one growing season in a 3-5 gallon container. May reach 10 feet at maturity
  • High mildew resistance
  • Darkest red flowers yet


Red is one of the new favorites in Crape Myrtles. Dynamite (and Red Rocket) is certainly one of the best reds. Belmont Nursery is one of the largest growers of Crape Myrtles around!

  • Cherry red flowers in full sun and hot conditions. (Clouds or shade will reduce red intensity and flecks of white may appear.)
  • New growth is crimson, then green
  • Upright form to 15 feet
  • High mildew resistance but may develop anthracnose (yellowing leaves) under severe conditions

Raspberry Sundae®

Raspberry Sundae® has raspberry red flowers with white margins.

  • New growth is bronze, then medium green
  • Upright, nearly columnar from to 15 feet
  • Moderate mildew resistance
  • Somewhat fragrant
  • Best fall color or ‘White’ series

Red Rocket®

Cherry red flowers with hot, sunny conditions. Similar to Dynamite®, Red Rocket also looses red intensity and may fleck white when cool and cloudy. New growth is crimson, then dark green.

  • Upright form to 15 feet
  • Fastest growing red
  • High mildew and anthracnose resistance
  • Huge flower clusters up to 24″ tall
  • May repeat bloom more than Dynamite®

Japanese Maples

Acer palmatum ‘Fireglow’

Bright fiery-red leaves in spring and early summer. Holds leaf color very well in full sun. Slow upright grower, only 10 to 20 feet in 30 years. One of the best red leafed forms. Grafted. Sun to part shade. Frequent deep watering in summer.

Acer palmatum Green

These trees are green leafed species maples. That is they are seedlings of the genus Acer palmatum. They are beautiful in their own way all slightly different from one another. They are often hardier than cultivars and make a great choice for the gardener that is looking for a Japanese maple for the first time. They are great for multiple plantings in the landscape or bonsai.

Acer palmatum Emperor One

A seedling of Bloodgood which is considered to be superior to ‘Bloodgood’ with brighter brilliant red color throughout the growing season. Emperor One leafs out about a week later than Bloodgood in the spring, so it’s not as frost susceptible early in the season. More tolerant of heat than Bloodgood. Bright red fall color. Upright growing 20 feet. Full sun, partial shade.


Sequoia sempervirens Coast Redwood

Sequoia from the Cherokee Indian chief Sequoyah sempervirens from the Latin meaning always green The Coast redwood is the tallest living species on earth. A conifer that grows very fast to 60′ in twenty years. It has dark green leaves. Give regular water and plenty of room. It will grow in very dry areas if it gets lots of water along with good drainage. Do not put on drip unless a large area is watered.


Magnolia X. Royal Crown

Outstanding large, red-violet flowers held upright. A free flowering vigorous grower. Flowers sparsely in early spring, followed by a strong main flush, then easing in late spring extremely long flowering period. Grows 20-25 ft tall and about 15-20 wide.

Magnolia hyb. Randy

Deciduous shrub/tree, slow growing to 10-15 ft tall and 12 ft wide; open branched narrow habit, leaves mid-green ovate. Midseason blooming, flowers star-cup-shaped buds red-purple, erect, petals. Sun to light shade, best planted in loam soil with adequate moisture, but tolerates poorly drained, heavy clay soils or dry areas.

Magnolia x. Betty

An outstanding new late blooming cultivar developed at the U.S. National Arboretum. Betty has large, abundant, reddish-purple flowers opening before the leaves producing a magnificent display. Foliage remains attractive all season. Betty is a rather erect shrubby grower that will attain a height of 10′ and a width of 8′. Plant in full sun to part shade with evenly moist soil.