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We want your landscape and garden to be a great success!

At Belmont Nursery, we want your landscape and garden to be a great success! If any of our products appear to have issues or are failing to grow, it is best to report any problems as soon as you discover it.

We may be able to offer a solution to revive the plant.

30 Day Guarantee

Belmont Nursery is pleased to guarantee select one through fifteen-gallon trees, shrubs and perennials* for 30 days provided they are properly planted and cared for.

Bring in the plant and your receipt to speak with our store manager for a possible plant replacement or store credit of the purchase price. Sorry, no cash refunds.

One Year Extended Guarantee

Belmont Nursery is pleased to extend our 30-day guarantee to one year when purchased with a Kellogg’s soil conditioner, planted in the recommended rates and properly cared for.

Kellogg Garden Organics
ALL NATURAL N’RICH Soil Enriching Conditioner

1 Bag of soil conditioner is adequate for the following
1 gallon container 15 plants
5 gallon container 3 plants
15 gallon container 1 plant

Plants Excluded From Guarantees Include:

* Annuals, bedding color, 6 packs, flats, 12 cm and 4-inch containers, holiday plants, Dogwoods, tropical plants (Avocado, Bougainvillea, Hibiscus, etc.), box trees, 20 gallon or larger containers, and special orders.

** Landscapers and commercial customers: We trust your expertise that the plant material will be properly planted and cared for. Therefore, we have no replacement policy. Returned items may be subject to a 5% restocking charge.